Frugl aggregates grocery product and pricing data in real time to provide shoppers with the lowest prices as well as health & nutritional information across Australia’s leading supermarkets to help shoppers make informed decisions for their families well-being.

Investor Profile

Family Insights Group provides data-driven solutions and insight products via cloud-based mobile and web solutions, with a focus on the development and commercialisation of two unique products:

Frugl Grocery
, a free mobile app for shoppers allows the quick comparison of product pricing across Australia’s top grocery chains, exposing them to real time discounts and allowing them to optimise their overall basket according to best price. Frugl also allows shoppers to set health profiles (including allergen alerts, nutritional alerts and ingredient exclusions) to improve the health rating of their grocery basket and enhance the well-being of their families.

Family Insights
, is a cyber safety platform utilising advanced behavioural analysis combined with evidence-based educational resources to help keep children safe online and their parents informed of their children’s online habits.

The Company’s shares are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”) and trades using the ASX code FAM.

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